OPINION: Reformed or not, ICBC is still a monopoly. Why?

“It’s past time that politicians do the right thing: they need to end the ICBC monopoly”

OUR VIEW: Listening is a skill worth mastering

If you cherish good listening, be a good listener. It’s a two-way street

  • Feb 20, 2020

EDITORIAL: Safe water should be a basic right

Not all water users are equal under Capital region policy

  • Feb 19, 2020

B.C. VIEWS: Inaction on pipeline protests not a viable response

Columnist Frank Bucholtz on how the Coastal GasLink pipeline dispute got so bad

T.W. Paterson column: There’s never been a generation gap for this columnist

As humble copy boy at the Daily Colonist I have gone where no others would go before me.

  • Feb 16, 2020

Robert Barron column: Let’s hope the strike is really over

I’m quite curious to see what terms the United Steelworkers agreed to

Victoria News Update
ShowBiz Minute: Efron, Gilbert, Box Office
Stranger Things 3 breaks record on Netflix
Mass funerals begin after deadly Sri Lanka attacks

OPINION: Make uniforms mandatory in schools

Once thought of as a bad idea, the writer now thinks differently about school uniforms

  • Feb 17, 2020

Editorial: Anti-panhandling roadway signs a good move

Panhandlers are putting themselves at risk on busy roads

  • Feb 18, 2020

EDITORIAL: Protest disruption making more enemies than friends

Right to peaceful protest important, but pipeline protests not having intended effect

  • Feb 15, 2020

Editorial: Flood response good, now for the clean-up

We were impressed with the response from the our local governments and emergency personnel

  • Feb 13, 2020

COLUMN: What’s love got to do with it?

People share their definition of what love is

  • Feb 14, 2020

COLUMN: Models of care have varied greatly between ICBC and WorkSafe

Fighting to prove serious injuries doesn’t help anybody

EDITORIAL: Slow response on Sooke Potholes gate shows misplaced priorities

Premier’s office loses sight on what’s important

  • Feb 12, 2020

COLUMN: Self-service sucks

Remembering the old days when shopping didn’t make me feel like a thief, or on the edge of senility

Rickter Scale: Please re-tire when driving in the snow lane

When treading through the white stuff, tread safely

  • Feb 10, 2020

Flirting with axes: or how to put a little edge in your date night

From axe throwing to escape rooms to dance lessons, there’s many ways to have fun with a partner

B.C. VIEWS: The glacial pace of resource development

As delays continue, costs climb and confusion reigns

OUR VIEW: North Island College upgrade a welcome addition to Campbell River

The official opening of the North Island College’s Campbell River campus expansion…

  • Feb 9, 2020

T.W. Paterson column: Hard-drinking Nanaimo and the Chemainus farmer bootlegging for his pigs

Canada’s attempt to ban booze not a success story on Vancouver Island

  • Feb 9, 2020

Editorial: Watercraft towing tubers up Cowichan River an absurd idea

Why is this a bad idea? Where to even begin?

  • Feb 8, 2020