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5 creative ideas for celebrating Mother’s Day last minute

It’s not too late to show mom you care
Mother’s Day is celebrated on Sunday, May 8. (Pixabay)

Mother’s Day is only a few days away, but it’s not too late to plan something special.

Sunday, May 8 is time to celebrate the wonderful women in our lives - moms, stepmoms, grandmas, and other maternal figures.

From the moment we arrive, our mothers tirelessly care for us, without ever taking a day off. While you might forget the terrible twos in diapers, the grumpy teenage years, and the all the times in college when you didn’t have time to call… mom remembers. She’s been there through it all.

While one day of the year certainly isn’t enough, it’s a chance to give these special women some of the recognition they deserve. If you haven’t taken the time before, take a moment to say “thank you, mom”.

That being said, here are some last-minute ideas for how to celebrate on Sunday:

• Get the kids involved

Kids of all ages should be a part of showing mom how much they care. Ask them to draw a picture, write a message, or pick out their own Mother’s Day card. These little things will become irreplaceable keepsakes that are sure to bring a tear to the eye.

• Enjoy one of her hobbies

Devote the day to doing whatever mom wants! Ask her what she enjoys doing in her spare time. Maybe she likes to golf, garden, hike, or spend Sunday morning singing at church. Whatever it is, she’ll appreciate the time spent together.

• Cook her dinner

Remember all of those delicious home-cooked meals you had growing up? Now it’s your turn! If you’re not so good in the kitchen, go to her favourite restaurant instead. If the weather’s nice, pack up some takeout for a picnic at the park. Sitting down to enjoy a meal together is a great way to reconnect.

• Share your favourite photo memories

Digital photos are so rarely shared after they’re taken. So why not fire up your hard drive and dig through the archives? Once you find pictures of you, mom, and the family, print them off to put in a special album or frame. Or, put together a digital slideshow with mom’s favourite songs or voice overs from the kids. This is a great opportunity to look back at all of your memories together over the years.

• Pick up a last minute gift from a local shop

It’s too late to order something from Amazon, and most flower shops are probably full on orders for Mother’s Day. Instead, take a stroll downtown to your local shops. If mom has a green thumb, check out a greenhouse for plants and home decor. If she likes drinking coffee, buy a bag of specialty coffee beans and a mug from her favourite cafe. For locally-made jewelry and art, stop by the farmers’ market or browse the artisans on Facebook Marketplace. You never know where you’ll find something unique. And I’m sure mom would approve of shopping local!

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