Dannielle Goulet is sculpting her body for an upcoming competition in Kamloops. Photo by Nadean Blais

Dannielle Goulet is sculpting her body for an upcoming competition in Kamloops. Photo by Nadean Blais

Cumberland woman prepares for first fitness competition

A Cumberland woman will be flexing her muscles — and tattoos — at her first-ever fitness competition in Kamloops.

Dannielle Goulet, 35, will be competing in the classic women’s physique category, May 25 at the 2019 Natural BC Cup.

“There’s a little bit of everything in it,” she said, noting the event includes bikini, figure, fitness, physique and bodybuilding. “Each category is very specific on body type.”

The parameters of the competition require balance in one’s training regime. For instance, a competitor needs to build muscle to maximize points in the physique category, but too much muscle can result in demerit points in the figure category.

“It is quite the challenge, it’s kept me busy,” Goulet said. “My coach (Nicole Janveaux) is pretty proud of me, and is telling me, in her words, that ‘I’m killing it’.”

Goulet developed a love of fitness while visiting Thailand. She went there four years in a row, training five days a week in Muay Thai.

“Train in the mornings, hit the yummy food and the beaches every day, and do it all over again.”

What might set her apart from the competition in Kamloops is the artwork on her body.

“I’m almost fully covered,” said Goulet, who received her first tattoo on her 18th birthday. “I think all I have left is one arm and a neck. I have a full back piece, I’m almost done a full leg sleeve, and I’m almost done my full arm sleeve.”

When not working out, she runs an online clothing business called Herb N’ Wear, which used to operate out of a storefront on Fifth Street in Courtenay.

“I’m gearing up right now for summer festivals,” she said. “Kind of like a travelling store.”

After the BC Cup, Goulet might enter another competition in June in Victoria.

“We’ll see how I place (in Kamloops),” she said. “The big thing about this one is that it is natural. There are a lot of people who take synthetic enhancements for their body, and I’m all about natural. It’s the real deal. This is a tested event, and no one can be on steroids, and if they are, they’re disqualified.

“I felt like it went along with my line of business, and way of thinking,” she added. “I’m selling the natural clothes, and I’m going in the natural fitness competition.”