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Campbell River blind curling team takes second place at western championships

Record tied after round-robin play, placement came down to game scores
The Campbell River Blind Curling team are from left to right Richard (sighted guide), Kelvin, Maureen, Jeremy, Arthur, and Bruce (Coach). Photo courtesy Kelvin Adams

Campbell River came second at the Western Canadian Blind Curling Championships in Winnipeg, Man.

The team travelled east to compete against six teams. After a difficult first game when they lost to the Edmonton team, Campbell River rallied and managed to make it through the tournament with no more losses.

“It was so tight that Prince George, Edmonton and our team were tied after round-robin play,” said coach Bruce Laurie. “It came down to points for and against with only a three point difference. Edmonton placed first, we were second and Prince George third.”

“It was fantastic meeting up with fellow blind curlers and enjoy our time together. Brad Bridgman was from Winnipeg and had played with Manitoba curling in the past so he had great time reconnecting,” Laurie said. “Jeremy played third and made several outstanding shots including a 10ft run back and really frustrated the other teams with perfect key guards. Arthur Monkman our skip handled the pressure well and came through with nice takeouts at the right time. Richard Muiread our sweeper could really affect the shots with the fast ice. He was able to bring rocks that were just over the hog line right into the house.”

Laurie had to step in when one of the curlers became ill on the second day of play.

The team would like to thank the Manitoba group, and support from the local Campbell River Curling Club and local businesses.

“The team had the full Winnipeg experience of wind, snow and freezing temperatures and very good curlers with a little local whisky on the side,” Laurie said. “We were so thrilled with the experience they all can’t wait until next season to get back on the ice.”

The team is interested in having more people join, and those who are interested and are either blind or have low vision are asked to contact Laurie at the Campbell River Curling Club.

The Campbell River team’s scores were against Prince George 9-2, Vancouver 8-1, Edmonton (Team 1) 7-5, Edmonton (Team 2) 2-9, Winnipeg (Team 1) 10-5, Winnipeg (Team 2) 10-5.

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