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Opinion: Couple ‘evicted’ from Victoria ferry terminal after being 4 minutes late gets zero sympathy

Couple posts video of confrontation onto social media
Worker at Swartz Bay terminal. (THE CANADIAN PRESS/Chad Hipolito)

Perhaps it’s my OCD, but since moving to Victoria in December I’ve made sure to be early when catching the ferry.

Like really early.

I make sure I’m there an hour early despite having a reservation. It just keeps me calm.

But I get that others like to throw caution to the wind and get to the Swartz Bay terminal exactly 30 minutes before, as per BC Ferries instructions. (Just thinking about arriving at the last minute makes my brow get moist and my hands shake.)

Then there is a Greater Victoria couple who had a recent ferry reservation but showed up four minutes late, according to a Facebook post they made under the title of “Bcferry complain” that actually claims they are the victims.

The couple posted a video of them arguing with a BC Ferries crew and claiming they were “evicted” from the property after being denied entry to the ferry.

The couple admits they were late, but claim the person at the ticket gate put them in the “wrong” lane to get on and that other late arrivals were put into different lanes and allowed onto the ferry.

They then argued with the ferry staff in their lane demanding to know why they were allowed on the ferry, alleging a “sinister” manager “evicted” them.

The couple is now demanding a refund because of course they are.

You can hear in the video the ferry staff trying really hard to explain things and being exceedingly polite until they finally get fed up and tell them to leave the BC Ferries property. There’s only so much abuse some people will take.

What’s funny is that the couple posted the video on Facebook expecting that people would take up their cause and defend them.

They got the exact opposite reaction.

The results were brutal as dozens of people explained that the rules actually apply to everybody.

“If this was a reservation, you have to be there 30 minutes early,” wrote one person. “They are very strict about it. It says when you buy your ticket online you agree to terms and conditions. You were very rude.”

“Lady you just embarrassed yourself,” wrote another.

“Take some responsibility for yourself – quit trying to blame everyone else,” wrote another.

I echo those responses. The rules are the same for everyone. It says quite clearly to not be late. If you’re late, just take the L and wait for the next ferry. Don’t berate the staff for your own failures and also don’t post video of you being a ginormous baby on the internet.

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