LETTER: Where did old Sooke go?


What’s happened to Sooke?

I have lived here for 22 years and honestly have never locked my house, never mind my vehicle. Now, I am scared.

I caught someone in the back of my truck in the Western Foods parking lot trying to steal my tools. I see wanderers in the parking lot daily looking in vehicles. A man approached me in my vehicle once and tried to open the door. I called the police, and they told me he was harmless.

Now that there is a shelter, we invite homeless people from the cities who are pulling shopping carts down our roads. I am a firm believer in working for a living. I have offered jobs, but no one wants a job.

Can these people please leave our nice town alone and go somewhere else so we can feel safe again? I know we need all sorts of people to make the world a great place, but I am raising kids here.

Where did good old Sooke go?

Tina Acosta Delgado


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