LETTER: We’d all like a 100 per cent pay raise

It was interesting to read of the 100 per cent pay raise for the mayor and councillors of Colwood. If I was in the position to give myself that size of a pay raise, I would not hesitate. My family doctor makes $32 per visit for each patient he sees, while my car dealership charges $140 per hour. I’m sure my doctor, along with other doctors, would welcome a 300 to 400 per cent pay raise.

There is a lot of talk that a living wage is $20.50 per hour, until you read further and discover that it is for two people making $20.50 per hour, which works out to $41 per hour for a basic lifestyle. A nurse makes, I believe, $36 per hour. Surely with all the education needed, shift work involved, stress and constantly being short of staff, they would welcome a 100 per cent pay raise. I feel they deserve more than a “basic lifestyle.”

Joe Hronek