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LETTER: UVic would benefit from Cadboro Bay density

Is anyone else under the impression that it is UVic that is behind Saanich’s sudden rush for densification/development in Cadboro Bay? The agenda certainly doesn’t seem to be coming from the locals, who only last year approved a local area plan (LAP) that was low on densification.

Why is that suddenly being ignored and densification being trumped over the obvious will of the local community? The pandemic was a poor excuse used by Saanich during their in-person LAP meeting.

UVic is currently in a phase of rapid expansion and it seems rather tempting for them to expand at the expense of the communities surrounding them.

This was clearly not lost on the locals, many of whom were considerably upset with UVic at the recent online LAP Q&A meeting with Saanich, during which also conveniently, a cortege of UVic students showed up demanding housing over and over again in Cadboro Bay.

For reference: UVic’s population stands at approximately 22,000 in comparison to 4,000 residents in Cadboro Bay.

At least one UVic professor has been a continued proponent of the plan to densify the village, but as a “stakeholder” in the process, UVic seems to be the most influential player, certainly when compared to the actual residents.

Maybe it’s time that UVic practises what it preaches for once, when it comes to sustainability, the environment and decolonization of the unceded indigenous lands it sits on and wants to expand into.

With 11 oak trees taken down on Finnerty, and a host of other trees brought down to expand its bus exchange/transportation, UVic’s priorities are more than apparent. Expansion at all costs.

Sasha Izard