LETTER: Unvaccinated putting others’ health at risk

There was a noisy demonstration in downtown Victoria on Jan. 29 for those opposed to the COVID-19 vaccination program. This is fine, and it shows that peaceful demonstrations are allowed in a democratic society.

However, what we see is a relatively small number of unvaccinated people holding up our health system to the point where critical operations and tests are delayed for the larger majority of people in B.C. This is wrong.

It is OK for people to refuse free vaccines that were developed to control this pandemic. It is their right. It is not their right to affect the health of the majority of people, and it is long past time for the provincial government to alleviate this situation.

If people refuse to take the free vaccinations do come down with COVID, then they should be made to pay for their hospital costs. Every day we see data that shows the number of new cases, and even deaths.

It is time for Premier John Horgan to take action and relieve the health problems that are affecting the majority of voters, those who have taken the vaccinations. Stand up and do the job that you were elected to do.

Henry Fox