LETTER: Unfair to single Amazon out for waste

There is no debate that about 20 per cent of returned merchandise finds its way to landfills, according to BBC Earth, and it is significant. It is estimated 5.8 billion pounds worldwide of this stuff goes into landfills annually but it is not fair to single out Amazon because all large online retail outlets do it.

I did returns in the men’s department of Simpsons in Toronto while going to school over 50 years ago and it was happening there.

Amazon and others do arguably have a negative impact on the local economy in some ways but they also contribute in terms of employment, property taxes, etc. as well as providing value for money.

The issue is, as the cost of housing and living increases, smart spending and buying online can be more cost-effective. Local prices are significantly higher on many items or there is no stock so you get in your car and start shopping with the obvious ramifications.

People should remember that they put out solid waste at the curb every day. What are they doing to reduce their footprint because we certainly live in a consumer society, and with that comes a lot of packaging waste, and we throw out a lot of usable materials because we are tired of them or want the newest and greatest.

We all don’t need the iPhone 13. Some of us are quite satisfied our old iPhone 7s.

Alex Currie

North Saanich