LETTER: Turf field needed in Langford

Within the last month, it has been reported that the West Shore has been experiencing an increase in youth violence. The present Langford council has an opportunity to do something positive to address this issue.

The council had an opportunity to work cooperatively with School District 62 by approving an all-weather turf field as part of the new elementary school to be built on Latoria Road.

The students could have used it during the day, while the community could have used the field in the evening providing more positive opportunities for youth to provide a sense of belonging and adventure.

The $950 000 increase in cost from a $600 000 grass field was a reason given for cancelling this project. I also understand the proposed lighting and turf field was approved by the previous council in the 2022-2026 budget.

Furthermore, I understand, the new council has recently received a provincial grant of $16 million. Would using a small amount of this “gift” to provide opportunities for the community not be a good investment and positive use of some of the grant money?

Providing opportunities for youth to participate in sports, in my opinion, are a critical starting point in a young person’s lifelong journey toward an active and healthy lifestyle. It makes me wonder if the proposed turf field was cancelled for political reasons.

Joan Smirl