LETTER: Time to get a handle on council pay

Mayor Ryan Windsor in Central Saanich is again pushing for a wage increase. When one considers the approximately $20,000 a year he receives from local taxpayers for sitting on the CRD board, what other remuneration from other publicly funded committees does he collect? What is the total amount of money is he receiving from local taxpayers?

With the other time requirements such as for a CRD director, one must wonder how much time he can devote to working for Central Saanich. Even more so as he is also presumably employed full time or close to it in his family business.

Is he putting in the hours for Central Saanich to justify what for many residents would be more than a full-time salary?

Too often politicians dip their hands deeper into the public’s pockets. What other job allows one to be hired under specific terms and then once in declare they will take more money for wages from their employer?

How much will the increase in wages affect the local mil rate? If a wage increase is called for then it should only be brought in at close to the conclusion of the term and not take effect until the next crop of politicians is elected. Maybe someone better qualified would have run but chose not to because the remuneration was insufficient.

Norm Ryder

Central Saanich