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Letter: Sooke must do its part in fight against global warming

Re: Rain, rain … go away ( News , Dec. 9)

Re: Rain, rain … go away (News, Dec. 9)

It seems people are shocked by the extreme weather the province has faced over the last six months. It should be made clear: there is no return to typical weather.

We’ve messed up so badly that all we will get is shorter or longer respites between extreme weather events. Maybe it will be two years before there’s another heat dome. Maybe 10. But that there will be another is now a certainty – the same with heavy rain from atmospheric rivers or extended droughts.

All we can hope for now is enough time to prepare for the next extreme event.

Sooke cannot solve this global problem. But at least we could stop making it worse. The need to build a resilient, low-carbon municipality has become critical.

We could make numerous changes that would make a difference like green roofs, better transit, local business, local food, heat pumps, and the like. We can’t solve global climate collapse locally, but if we get moving, maybe we can adapt before the worst hits.

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E.B. Klassen


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