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LETTER: Selwyn Road covenant should be preserved

Regarding your story about the 2684 Selwyn Rd. covenant: it is important to note, and should have been included in the story, that the original owner, Douglas Jennings, was a decorated veteran. Sgt. Jennings lived on Selwyn Road since 1964 and placed two covenants on his property, once in 1998 and the latest one in 2002.

He entrusted his land to the church, and for The Land Conservancy (TLC) and City of Langford to uphold their responsibilities to protect the properties, regardless of the owner. Thankfully the City of Langford did not choose to remove the covenant. The TLC is re-reviewing the covenant and it is not known if they will support removing it or not.

Why the TLC is even suggesting supporting the removal of the covenant is beyond me. They were entrusted to uphold it by Sgt Jennings. How many more properties have they been asked to take care of but then have removed the covenant on years later? This is not something that should be ignored by the public or the supporters/board of the TLC.

Colette Miller