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LETTER: Saanich pushes problems down the road

It’s interesting how Saanich Mayor Fred Haynes is stating the CAO position is tied to the election cycle, and as such, is justifying the delay of appointing a new CAO until November 2022.

In looking back at the history of past CAOs I do not see any such correlation. From the administrations of Hugh Curtis and Mel Couvelier through to Murray Coell and Frank Leonard to the present, I see no mention of the position being considered a political one.

I believe that most political candidates use the terms open, accountable and transparent when campaigning, however, that seems to disappear upon election. The BC Liberals under Gordon Campbell actually used these terms as their campaign slogan, all the while taking funds from ICBC and putting them into general revenue to bolster their claim of economic success.

Can it be the lack of transparency around the CAO specifics is related to next October’s municipal elections, therefore making it not the problem of the current administration?

A freedom of information request has revealed what most Saanich taxpayers suspected, a large severance payout for firing without cause. This seemingly needless payout demands how, why and who voted for this. I anxiously await each councillor’s response.

Wayne Messer