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LETTER: Russian sanctions not the answer

It is such an embarrassment to continually listen to Elizabeth May over the years. She thinks Russians who made it rich should be a target for illegal seizure of property.

The targeted Yuri Milner said he disagrees with the war, so what good would result in fiscally harming an anti-war Russian? I’m sure there are millions of Russians against the war. Lumping them all into one targeted group is the worst form of prejudice, and just plain ignorant.

Banning Russian exports and imposing sanctions will not hurt the Kremlin, only the poorer working people of Russia trying to live. These sanctions also hurt world food and energy production, not to mention global economies. So if you’re getting upset at prices, maybe tell your MP you prefer a better approach to this war than picking on a few rich oligarchs. Elizabeth May will fall into that category once she digs into her two-tiered taxpayer-funded pension.

Stuart Walker

Central Saanich