LETTER: Road check a waste of police resources

I received a seatbelt ticket in Sidney, on Mother’s Day.

The RCMP had set up a covert, roadside check stop, with a member hiding behind some bushes on the corner of Resthaven and Brethour Avenue, just past the Shoal Center, to nab all the bad ‘grey hairs’, for speeding and/or other infractions. This is not the only localized action the RCMP has taken. I have seen them in other residential neighborhoods, ticketing bad citizens.

It took the member an hour to process my ticket. During that time, he called for backup, which arrived in the form of another, lone occupant member, driving an expensive RCMP SUV.

Surely the RCMP has better things to do than ticket senior citizens driving past the Shoal Center at 30 km/h, on Mother’s Day? It is a complete waste of time and taxpayers’ resources.

It tells me that there is nothing better for the police to do, with no real crime in Sidney. Perhaps it’s time to start defunding the RCMP.

Keith Chancellor

Sidney by the Sea