LETTER: Recipe for peace on earth

All the ingredients already exist: the most horrific, devastating, and bitter; and the most miraculous, magical, and sweet. Everything and all possibilities are just waiting for us to pick and harvest and carry home to our heart pantry. It all depends on the ingredients we choose to stock in our soul kitchens and cook with. It is time to dust off this ancient universal recipe stored in our individual archives and prepare it daily to nourish and sustain all of humanity and our beautiful Mother Earth.

Start with a full cup of self-love, sifted several times to remove all judgment, criticism, doubt and fear. Add a full cup of kindness, compassion, unconditional love, generosity, service, purpose and passion. Mix well and simmer 24/7. Serve daily to yourself, your family, your friends, your neghbours and every being on the planet. Enjoy!

Kimella Hilliard