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LETTER: Pharmacy’s service appreciated

Canada is experiencing a health-care crisis and B.C. Is no exception.

Canada is experiencing a health-care crisis and B.C. Is no exception.

Along with the fear and frustration of medical staff shortages, including family doctors, nurses, nurse aides, specialists, as well as housekeeping and office staff, there is the everlasting problem of rising financial costs.

However, in the midst of this turmoil, there is a very important section of care and that is pharmaceutical care. Here in the village of Saanichton, there is a special team of pharmacists at Joe’s Family Pharmacy owned and led by Joe Piggott. Joe and his staff have all the key elements for this side of health care. I list them because it is so obvious how essential they are for a smooth, highly regarded well-run business.

They listen. They are knowledgeable in all prescription requests, or take it upon themselves to find out. Billing is explained. Compassion, humour and friendliness abound. The phone is answered in person. Delivery is possible. Compounding is carried out. Amazing hours are offered. Parking is available and when you leave, there is a feeling of safety and relief you have been helped.

A big thank you and accolades to this amazing professional team at Joe’s Family Pharmacy, especially during this difficult time with Canada’s health care. We wish them every success. They deserve it.

M. Chester

Central Saanich

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