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LETTER: Parks not a priority in Langford

Re: Transformed Ernhill Park reopens. It’s wonderful that an older park in a neighbourhood with fewer amenities has finally received some upgrades to the play equipment as well as some environmental attention.

The Gazette article quotes Coun.Matt Sahlstrom as saying, “As the city continues to grow, so does the need for parks and recreation resources, and improving them is a priority for the city.”

It is therefore very surprising that on Feb. 22 Coun. Sahlstrom, along with the rest of council, voted to significantly reduce the amount of charges developers will have to pay towards park improvements and park acquisition as a condition for development approval. How significant? A reduction of 31 per cent for small lots and townhouses and a reduction of 52 per cent for multi-family buildings.

A priority? Certainly doesn’t look that way.

Laurie Plomp