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LETTER: Others’ actions have made you safer

The letter from Jennifer Jones made me chuckle.

The letter from Jennifer Jones made me chuckle.

First, where was she when COVID first struck our society and mandates were imposed for the greater good because that is all we had? Does she have any knowledge of the impact of the Spanish flu back in 1918-1920 when 50-75 million died in a world where movement was much less restricted?

Second, I don’t dispute her rights to choose or protest as long as she acknowledges that her rights cannot infringe upon mine and in the present case, the rights of the few cannot put the health and well-being of the majority at risk.,

She can choose not to be vaccinated but that choice has to have consequences because the greater good must be protected.

She speaks to treatments. The treatments available today are recent developments, are expensive (monoclonal antibodies being but one expensive drug) and they were not available back in March 2020 when mandates became part of our lives.

She fails to accept her choices can impact others either in her family, her circle of friends, etc. and others who are immunocomprised.

Most important, the evidence is that Omicron can put you in hospital and kill you but a vaccine takes that risk to very low levels.

So, by all means, exercise your freedoms but understand you probably have survived COVID because over 90 per cent of British Columbians got the jab, wore a mask as required and made your personal safety better.

Alex Currie

North Saanich