LETTER: Options for decreasing congestion on Sooke Road


There could be broad enough areas for four lanes, or at least three, on Sooke Road.

Here are two options:

• One lane each way with an extra lane for people turning off Sooke Road onto driveways or side roads. The result would be fewer traffic backups.

• Two lanes into Langford in the morning with one going to Sooke and a middle lane for turn-offs, and then switching the two-lane direction into Sooke in the afternoon rush with one to Langford and one for turn-offs.

I’m sure there would at least be enough room to add the third lane in most areas. Obviously, there would be a traffic light setup like that in the Vancouver area where there is an X or an arrow indicating which lanes can be used during rush hour traffic and which are used for turning lanes.

While I am not sure if these suggestions have been considered, the congestion is caused primarily by people trying to turn off onto driveways or side roads as they have to wait so long to cross the other lane since people don’t let them.

A minimum of three lanes would also allow traffic to continue while someone turning can move out of the mainstream and turn off more safely.

Debbie Small


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