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LETTER: North Saanich council giving residents a voice

I think it’s time that the Peninsula News Review gave us, the residents of North Saanich, a bit of credit for electing our mayor and council.

Our mayor was elected with a huge majority precisely because we wanted an activist government. The last council sat on its hands and allowed almost all decision-making to be done by staff – so much so that we were left wondering why we even bothered to vote.

We are perfectly able to produce a made-in-North Saanich OCP. We do not need to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on a Vancouver-based urban planning company and, as we are a small, rural community, we do not need six or seven urban planners on staff.

Our mayor and council are reaching out to all members of our community. At last, we feel we have a voice and ears that listen. Give us some credit and stop giving the nay-sayers so much space.

Judy McLaren

North Saanich