LETTER: Neighbours shut out of primary care centre boundary

As a member of the Quadra Cedar Hill Community Association, I am writing to express my disappointment, and my disbelief, concerning the catchment area of the new Luther Court Urgent and Primary Care Centre.

When I learned about the opening of the LCUPPC in March, we had just lost another family physician within seven years, so I was glad to see that the “primary care network” had extended to our neighbourhood. I understood that even though there was no guarantee that people in the catchment area would be taken on by a physician, there would be the capacity to apply to be “attached” to a primary care provider on the team as it expanded its staff. I had already learned that we were not within the catchment area of the North Quadra UPCC so we could not apply there (nor were they currently taking applications in any case.)

When I looked at the map on the Luther Court website, confident we would be included in this catchment, I was dismayed to see that the boundary on Cedar Hill Road and continuing up Derby meant that we were on the wrong side of the street. How is it that a new UPCC lauded to provide health care “closer to home” excludes the community that exists right on its doorstep?

We have a significant population of seniors in our community, as well as families with young children. I don’t think they are going to be looking at the catchment map before they turn to Luther Court when they have a health concern that needs prompt attention, and they will apply to be attached sooner or later. I can’t imagine a more absurd, and ill-considered, boundary, when folks from a huge surrounding area just on the other side of the road that ultimately extends to islands off south Oak Bay can apply for attachment. Yet we will be turned away when we seek an application.

We have lived in this community of Cedar Hill for over 25 years. I am hoping that those similarly impacted by this boundary will join me in appealing to Rob Fleming, Adrian Dix and Island Health to remedy this situation and redraw the boundary to include the communities that are indeed closer to Luther Court, contained within the Quadra Cedar Hill Community Association at the very least.

Marnie Olchowecki