LETTER: Memories of Valdy and Head Acres


Re: Legendary folk singer’s roots run through Sooke (News, Jan. 12)

I went to my only Valdy concert in 1974 in Prince George and loved it.

I moved to Sooke in the late 1970s and was told Valdy had property in the Shirley area, which became a magnet for a few (or more) of his hippie fans, and they began building rough cabins and started living there when Valdy was on tour. He was unaware of the squatting on his property until he returned. Legend has it he re-named his 50 acres “Head Acres” as a result.

I have since met Valdy, and I agree wholeheartedly that he is a true gentleman and, of course, a great musician.

David Morton

East Sooke


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