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LETTER: Leash rule disregarded at Caddy Bay

Re: the letter ‘Dog owners need to follow the rules.’

Re: the letter ‘Dog owners need to follow the rules.’

Three cheers for someone being brave enough to say what so many of us are feeling. I can’t think of many other issues where those of us following the rules are afraid to speak up and call out the behaviour of those who are not.

We have lived in Saanich for two decades and owned dogs during all these years. During that time we have seen a steady, and recently rapid, decline in the behaviour of our fellow dog owners. Specifically, so many who are now using (and I dare say abusing) our parks and beaches to exercise their dogs with no regard for other park users, be they dog owners or not.

This morning, Sunday, we brought our leashed dog to Cadboro Bay beach and found not a single other dog on leash. Our dog was pounced on and we had to pick her up twice. In the 90 minutes or so we walked the beach and sat to drink our coffee we saw 10 dogs off-leash. A few ambling alongside their owners but most running on their own or chasing after balls and sticks.

To our knowledge, this is the only beach in Saanich where dogs must be leashed and yet ours was the only one. What gives fellow dog owners?

Sue Smith