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LETTER: Langford man helps strangers on the ferry

My husband and I recently made a trip to Victoria with friends of ours. Once on the ferry, we were surprised to find that the cafeteria had changed protocols. There was a long lineup for ‘pre orders’ and the other lineup was as far as the eye could see. As seniors, we were baffled and were musing about how we could possibly get something to eat.

A young man named Adam came to our table and offered to take our orders. We asked if he worked for the ferry, and he told us ‘No’ but working in IT he could help the four of us. Adam looked up the menu, took our orders, gave us our order number and the time we could pick up our food.

He would not let us pay, and just kept telling us to “pay it forward.” We wanted to at least purchase a baby gift for Adam and his pregnant wife Michelle. But they finished their meal and left. Adam would only tell us that he lived in Langford.

We would like you to know that you have a wonderful citizen of Langford, who gave us food and comfort and a fabulous welcome to the Island.

Yes Adam, we will pay it forward, many times. We want others to experience the joy of getting help from a kind and generous fellow traveller. Thank you for the delicious meal and much more.

Veronica MacDonald