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LETTER: Kindness alive and well in Victoria

My wife and I are in our 80s and both use canes and are visiting Victoria for a month from where we live in Halifax. On March 20 we went for dim sum at a restaurant in Chinatown. There was a lineup to get in and it went up two flights of stairs.

We were at the bottom of the line on the ground floor and I noticed people had numbers so I asked and they said you had to go up the stairs to get one. So I started up, one step at a time. Immediately a young person said, “I’ll get one for you” and ran up and got us a number.

While on the stairs my wife got chatting with the young couple in front of us, finding out we had some things in common as both had spent time in Clearwater, Fla. And so the conversation continued until we reached the top and were shown to our table.

After the meal, the waitress took our list of what we had purchased and said she would bring the bill. After a time we asked where our bill was and another waiter said the young couple across the room had taken care of it. We went over to thank them and they said, “Welcome to Victoria.”

On the way out we again started down the stairs along with our canes and “doggy bag.” Right away another young person took our “doggy bag” and helped us down the stairs and held the door for us.

What a great welcome to a lovely city.

Peter and Paulina Manahan