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LETTER” It’s a time to remember all sacrifices

I wish to thank Saanich council for putting the memorial poles down Shelbourne Street. Having lived in Saanich for over 30 years we turn off our radio when driving there, and try to remember many of the other people who were involved in the First World War.

My grandfather delivered food to the front lines, and my husband’s grandfather came home with shell shock. He sat in an armchair staring into the fireplace for many years before he died. We have thought of many other people who have no memorial. i.e. vets who looked after all the horses, tunnel makers, people who looked after the pigeons.

What about the many families with a father, brother, friends and neighbours who never came home. Nurses, and many female drivers also helped near the front lines. All these people have no war memorial, and although I honour the veterans who died, what about the wounded that had to live their lives in pain or died later of their wounds. They don’t have their names on any memorial. I just wish we could have a memorial honoring all the people that had to participate.

Pat Andrews