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LETTER: Human activity disturbing migratory birds

How can we justify a 10-minute continuous barrage of aerial explosions (ie. fireworks) celebrating the Oak Bay Tea Party when that area is part of the migratory wildfowl-protected waterfront? All future events with loud noise and bright lights in these waterfront areas must be banned, and all waterfront properties must not be allowed to have beachfront parties or lights infringing on the beaches.

Further, human beach activities such as volleyball, paddle ball, sandcastle building, sunbathing and beachcombing must be stopped and, of course, all motorized watercraft, jet skis, as well as paddle boarders, kayakers, canoers, and fishermen should be banned along with sailboats, particularly those anchored in Cadboro Bay, to protect the wildfowl. But wait, I forgot, the problem with the wildfowl is the dogs on the beach…right? Stop vilifying dogs, it’s human infringement that’s the problem.

Wayne Walker