LETTER: How we get past COVID-19


Here we go again, in pandemic crisis mode for the fourth time.

Our ridiculous patchwork of local and provincial public health regulations, mask mandates, and vaccine passports – driven by political posturing – is bound to continue failing, as anyone with grade school-level science education should see.

This absurd situation is like my first Air France flight at age 27, where passengers could sit in alternating smoking or non-smoking rows. Really?

Because governments allowed non-essential inter-jurisdictional travel, we’re back where we were in March 2020 – needless loss of lives and jobs, business closures and astronomical government debt.

There’s only one way out of this mess: Stop repeating the conspiracy theories you read online. If you have doubts, talk to a doctor. Get vaccinated. Encourage others to do so and wear a mask indoors in public.

We need robust and intelligent leadership in Canada as we deal with “COVID-22,” so think about this when you vote!

Ron Obscura


Letter to the Editor