LETTER: Housing changes will only compound parking problems

The plight of the young woman facing parking hurdles on Florence Street is just the beginning of that problem.

With council’s insistence on legal suites, garden homes and other types of in-fill housing, more and more people will be facing that same predicament. Most homes these days have at least two vehicles and generally one parks on the street.

In the same issue, Saanich is proud of the fact that a new car-free complex will be built on Richmond Road. I seriously doubt that there will be no vehicles associated with the residents.

Developing a vehicle-free complex is good for the builder as he doesn’t have to be concerned about using land for parking and can potentially build more homes. The encouragement of Saanich for this idea will undoubtedly encourage other builders to follow the same path. Why worry about vehicles when they can always park on the street?

The winners in this project are certainly the developers. The losers are those people who will try to find street parking, including residents of the area who are currently having parking issues.

William Jesse

Oak Bay