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LETTER: Herbicide a hazard for neighbourhood

On May 19, our suburban North Saanich property was inundated with a strong smell of herbicide in the air. This is the first time in two decades of living here that we have had to breathe toxic fumes such as this.

The poison was coming from a new neighbour’s place, as shown by an advertising sign on their lawn put there by a well-known herbicide application company. Given how harmful these chemicals are, why do people still subject their neighbours to respiratory discomfort and health risks?

Imagine what it must be like for robins looking for worms in a yard polluted with these chemicals. Our society must recognize the harm associated with grass monoculture lawns. Fortunately, in my neighborhood the majority of homeowners have embraced the biodiverse lawn, but we all need to work at convincing the remaining few chemical enthusiasts that broadleaf plants and flowers enhance the beauty of a lawn.

Harry Duimering

North Saanich