LETTER: Give a thumb’s down to LNG project


Fortis BC hopes to expand its Tilbury LNG plant on the Fraser River in Delta, B.C.

This province, Canada and the world don’t need another source of CO2 emissions.

Upon completion, this facility will produce as much CO2 as the entire city of Vancouver.

Upstream of this plant, more gas will be fracked from northeastern B.C., causing more methane to leak into the atmosphere, not to mention the geological harm of fracking.

Downstream of this plant, more ships will go to offshore markets and disturb whales and other wildlife in B.C. waters.

The LNG will be processed into gas by the buyers for burning, releasing more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

It’s time that this government and the people of B.C. took responsibility for their decisions to push the world toward a more unstable climate. Will David Eby’s NDP government renege on yet another promise to stop these projects that destabilize the climate?

Please, for the love of our children and their children, give Tilbury LNG a thumbs down and stop the expansion of Tilbury LNG.

Hugh Waller


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