LETTER: Fossil fuel company’s brochure misleads consumers


A brochure from Fortis BC arrived in my mailbox. FortisBC is a purveyor of natural gas. I was told there are five reasons I should switch to natural gas: 1. cost savings; 2. environmental benefits; 3. renewable natural gas; 4. comfort, convenience and reliability; and 5. get connected for as little as $15.

I feel that reasons 1 to 3 are misleading.

The brochure fails to say that an electric heat pump is one of the most affordable ways to heat a home. Heat pumps produce no harmful greenhouse gases, and grants are available for installation.

Oil, propane and natural gas all produce greenhouse gases, and to meet Sooke’s climate goal, we should not be using any of these fuels.

Regardless of where it is sourced, renewable natural gas still creates greenhouse gases. Studies show that B.C. will not be able to produce very much renewable natural gas.

It bothers me that fossil fuel companies are peddling their wares as though the climate emergency does not exist. There are much more affordable and environmentally friendly alternatives to natural gas.

Alan Dolan


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