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LETTER: Food bank donation bin not a trash container

It is most disheartening to lift the lid on a Mustard Seed food bank donation bin, to find rotting leftovers from the fast-food business next door mixed in with the food donations.

These bins are clearly marked Mustard Seed. Everyone knows that the purpose of these bins is to accept non-perishable food donations for those in need in our community.

I don’t believe that most people are illiterate in this country. Everyone in our community knows about the Mustard Seed organization. The bins are clearly marked Mustard Seed donation bin.

It seems the attitude is simply this: Why walk an extra two or three steps to use the refuse cans provided by the fast-food business, when one can dump garbage into the Mustard Seed food bank bin on the way out of the store.

Sadly, this is not the first time that we have complained about garbage in the food bank bin to store staff members. However, it is not their responsibility to police the food bank bin nor to clean it. It is the responsibility of every citizen in the community to respect the efforts of those organizations struggling to help the less fortunate to survive in this economic climate. Put your trash in the trash bin! It isn’t rocket science.

Clearly, a certain percentage of people in our community are self-indulgent, indifferent slobs. Perhaps if and when these people need the help of a food bank, they will experience an awakening, and be as outraged as I am about this situation.

Wendy Lepper