LETTER: Driven to distraction by Dallas Road view

I have lived on Dallas Road for 10 years. The speed limit is 50 km/h on Dallas Road. And yet, on a daily basis, there is always some driver so distracted by the view that they believe it is OK to drive at 30 km/h or less. It is not OK.

I wrote to the City of Victoria a couple of years ago regarding excessively slow driving on Dallas Road. I suggested it was necessary to post a few 50 km/h signs on Dallas Road, just like you will find on Blanshard Street. Some clown wrote me back, admitting that the city tolerates the distracted driving of those who cannot help themselves and take their foot of the gas pedal while they admire the lovely view of the Olympic Mountains and the activity on the Strait of Juan de Fuca.

Victoria police have a fetish for enforcing the speed limit on the safest road in the city – the separated north/south lanes of Blanshard Street north of Caledonia Street – but I bet they have not written a single traffic ticket for excessively slow driving on Dallas Road in the last 10 years.

If mayor and council of Victoria want to lower the speed limit on Dallas Road, then do it. If not, then post signs reminding drivers on Dallas Road that the speed limit is actually 50 km/h, and suggest to Vic PD to pad their quotas by targeting excessively slow driving on Dallas Road, and to give the Blanshard Street radar blitzes a rest for a while.

Trevor Amon