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LETTER: Dialogue in a democracy

Re: the letters on diversity in democracy of Feb. 9 and 16.

Re: the letters on diversity in democracy of Feb. 9 and 16.

North Saanich mayor and council were elected in a democratic process and have a mandate from the citizens who voted. In a democracy, majority does rule and voting counts.

All council members have a vote at council and can voice differing opinions. Nevertheless, a disruptive negative voice does not contribute to solutions, and the mayor is exercising his leadership role in appointing committee members who can have a productive dialogue.

If we apply the writer’s argument about voter support, Coun. Phil DiBattista received only 15 per cent of eligible votes. Using statistics like these to discredit the election outcome only distorts the view of democracy. “There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics.” (Mark Twain).

We have seen how challenges to democratic elections have polarized citizens in the U.S., so let’s not go down that path. I hope that all elected council members will listen to residents and consider how most residents have voted.

Sharon Forrester

North Saanich