LETTER: Consider workers when you leave recycling out in the rain


During this time of heavy rainfall and severe weather events, take a minute to think of your fellow recyclers.

Roughly one-quarter of the residents in my neighbourhood left their recycling out for two weeks, in the rain, after the recycle truck didn’t come by on Nov. 15 because of the 36-hour weather bomb. For those two weeks, cardboard and other paper products got saturated and possibly became mouldy.

I spoke with the recyclers as they made the rounds last week, and they said that some loads were so heavy that they could barely lift them. They were exhausted. Plus, did these heavy blobs of paper/cardboard put their trucks into an overload situation? Are these heavy loads putting them at physical risk? How about exposure to mould? To their enormous credit, they picked it all up.

In these times of anxiety, hoarding and selfishness, please think of your fellow human beings before you leave your recycling out in the rain. And consider giving them a tip for their hard work.

Robin Krause


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