LETTER: Community benefits a two-way street

I read your recent article relative to a North Saanich councillor’s assertion that Sidney survives because of North Saanich. I quickly made sure of the date of publishing (June 30) thinking perhaps this was an April Fool’s joke.

Whatever he was thinking is uncertain. Perhaps some research would be in order to determine how many businesses and/or properties in the Town of Sidney are owned and operated by residents of North Saanich. It might startle the good councillor to know that he and the citizens of his municipality are also supporting his constituents.

The matter of road improvements and the cost-sharing agreement between the two municipalities and the Victoria Airport Authority certainly appears to be fair in my opinion. VAA is the landlord and the proposed Amazon facility is the tenant who no doubt will be providing financial assistance through its lease payment.

I hope our town will survive if all the North Saanich people decide to shop elsewhere.

Bob Lougheed