letter to the editor

LETTER: Colwood council must listen to residents on Havenwood area development

When the first announcement of a proposed rezoning of a property next to Havenwood Park was made public, a petition was circulated and signed by almost 4,000 people overwhelmingly opposed to the proposed development.

Who are the council members listening to? To concerned Colwood citizens or to the developer? Yes, as was stated at the March 24 meeting, affordable housing is necessary, but not so close to a green space like Havenwood Park, covered with mature trees and hiking trails. Surely there is a once-in-a lifetime chance to place this development in the hundreds of treeless acres at the former gravel pit – now Royal Bay.

Council members, please do the right thing and listen to your Colwood citizens and vote to oppose this shameful rezoning plan.

E. Ann Kelly


City of Colwood,development