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LETTER: Booster shots? Definitely not.

I wonder if there are more people like me out in COVID-land.

I wonder if there are more people like me out in COVID-land.

On April 19, I received my first COVID shot, Moderna, at SEAPARC in Sooke. I warned the nurse to make sure he hit the right spot, given my skinny upper arm. Shortly after my shot, I felt shooting, burning pain but was told that was normal.

Fast forward roughly six weeks. My left arm remained sore, so I called Island Health for advice, and after being on the phone for an hour, answering multiple questions, I got a response about two months later. It was likely that a nerve was hit by mistake, and my arm would improve soon.

When I got my second Moderna shot in July, I had the nurse administer it in my right arm, and all was fine.

It’s been over six months since my first Guinea pig experience, and my left arm has not healed. It’s getting worse, limiting the use of my arm, generating constant pain and ruining my sleep. I saw my family doctor on Oct. 22, and because of the lack of muscle or fat, it’s likely the nurse hit the wrong spot, my doctor said. Tests have been ordered.

There must be others out there who have been ill-affected by poorly administered, novel vaccines. Here I was, following bully dictates and am now suffering. Booster shots? Definitely not.

Shannon Moneo


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