LETTER: B.C. taking right approach to COVID

I read with rising apprehension, concern, and a certain amount of anger, a letter writer’s view of our handling of COVID-19, which they accompanied by misleading numbers and rhetoric. The rhetoric I’m referring to promotes the idea that Florida and Sweden got it right. Nonsense!

The COVID numbers listed below were taken from the website Deaths to date as of Jan.6, 2022: Sweden 1,504/million, 15,331 total; Finland 295/million, 1,638 total; and Norway 246/million, 1,350 total.

I’m pretty sure the Finns and Norwegians do not believe that their Swedish neighbours got it right, but this pales to how poorly Florida has chosen to address this pandemic, and the data proves this. Compare the number of deaths in Florida to B.C. Florida 2,916/million, 62,625 total; B.C. 469/million, 2,439 total. Florida’s lax COVID restrictions combined with low vacine acceptance (63 per cent) has resulted in many unnecessary deaths.

Our Dr. Bonnie should (and I’m sure she will) continue with guidelines that keep more of us alive to enjoy family, friends and better times once again.

Don Hermanson

North Saanich