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Letter: Alcohol is also a killer and destroys lives

Re: Addiction and Tragedy ( News , Aug. 11)

Re: Addiction and Tragedy (News, Aug. 11)

It is indeed tragic that lives are being destroyed by drug abuse. While addiction is a serious issue, the focus now seems only related to street drugs

Alcohol is also a killer and destroys lives, marriages, and families, and attention needs to be brought back to this fact and shared with the same attention as drugs.

Does the public realize that access to alcohol is very easy after the liquor stores close or won’t sell it to a person because they are too inebriated?

The alcoholic does not need to go to the street for their supply. Local drug stores, convenience stores and others sell many products that contain alcohol. The favourite? Listerine. Listerine has an alcohol content of 26.9 per cent – twice as much as a bottle of wine, five to six times as much as a bottle of beer?

Most people are unaware of what defines an alcoholic, the number of parents who influence their children to become alcohol drinkers and the fact that alcoholics are usually afflicted with a genetic disease that will pass on to their children. It is common for alcoholics to deny they have a drinking problem, even when it gets them in trouble with the law, with their spouse.

The addictions that are bombarding society today seldom happen overnight. It is progressive until a life (or lives) is ruined. Most start at a young age but progress in their drinking habit as they get older; until it is too late. Moderation is not a word that can apply to addiction.

Karen Neal


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