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CRD should be preparing for severe weather

CRD’s severe weather claim is blown away by history and science.

CRD’s severe weather claim is blown away by history and science.

For example, Typhoon Freda trashed the Victoria region in 1962, in a period of cooler temperatures.

Instead of playing climate catastrophist, the CRD should be preparing. Not ignoring like B.C.’s health system did when high temperatures were forecast for last June. In contrast, Oregon and Washington had far fewer deaths from heat because they were proactive early with places to stay cool, warnings, and help.

Remember that the CRD did prepare for variation in precipitation by increasing reservoir size years ago, a wise move. In contrast, Abbotsford failed to maintain its dikes properly despite the big warning from the Nooksack River in 2000. Roads have to be built well, not rushed as the Coquihalla was.

Severe weather like the rain last November is rare but does occur when factors stack up instead of compensating. Typhoon Freda was unusual in coming to this side of the Pacific, then combined with another storm and entered the Strait of Juan de Fuca. Meteorologist Cliff Mass has explained the high temperatures last June and the rain last November – note both were forecast.

Why is CRD blaming humans for weather variation?

Keith Sketchley