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Woman from Nanaimo reunited with contents of purse lost more than 40 years ago

Purse found stashed in rock crevice by homeowner building a backyard fence
A woman from Nanaimo has been reunited with her purse and junior high school ID card that went missing in the early 1980s and was found stashed in a rock crevice by a person working in their backyard. (Photos submitted)

A purse that went missing more than 40 years ago turned up in the backyard of a home in Nanaimo.

According to a Nanaimo RCMP press release, a homeowner was digging a hole for a fence post on his property in the Uplands area on March 27 when he noticed a small crevice in a rock ledge. When he looked into the crevice, he discovered a purse that was crumbling with age. Inside was a well-preserved Wellington Junior Secondary School student ID card from 1981-82.

He decided to turn the items over to the RCMP, and that night, the purse’s owner was notified of the find.

“She was initially skeptical, but after a picture of the ID was e-mailed to her, she laughed when she saw her ID from her junior high days.”

According to the release, the woman said she thought the purse had probably been stolen, the thief had dumped it in the hole and over the years she just forgot about it. She contacted a friend from junior high school about the find – Wellington used to be a junior high school – and they shared a few laughs and memories.

The woman, who now lives south of Nanaimo, stopped by the RCMP detachment and picked up her lost ID card earlier this month.

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