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West Shore RCMP reminding motorists to display plates properly, ensure insurance up to date

40 vehicles were found with improperly displayed plates in just one hour of patrols
A West Shore RCMP traffic officer points out the Automatic Licence Plate Recognition system on their cruiser. Police are cracking down on improperly displayed plates on vehicles. (Courtesy West Shore RCMP)

The West Shore RCMP is reminding motorists to ensure their cars have up-to-date insurance now that licence plate validation stickers are no longer required in B.C. and that licence plates are properly displayed.

Along with the reminder, police are sending a warning they will be cracking down on the proper display of front and rear licence plates with the help of the Automatic Licence Plate Recognition system.

The technology allows police in the province to read licence plates from a police vehicle and automatically provide police with the driver and vehicle information, which can be used to determine whether the vehicle is insured properly or is otherwise operating unlawfully, such as whether it has been reported stolen.

But in order for this technology to be effective, licence plates need to be properly displayed in accordance with the BC Motor Vehicle Act. In just over an hour of patrolling earlier in July, police found 40 vehicles that were not displaying their plates properly.

“Some examples of what I saw last week were licence plate covers, licence plates displayed in the windshield and vehicles without a front licence plate. These are all examples of motor vehicle infractions,” said Const. Sean Van Londersele with the West Shore RCMP traffic unit in a release. “The most common thing we see is luxury vehicles without a front plate. Unfortunately, a nice vehicle is not an excuse for not having a front plate and will likely result in being pulled over.”

Fines for motorists not displaying a plate or displaying the wrong plate for their vehicle can be $109, while improper display of a plate or obstructing a plate can net a fine of $230.

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