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Victoria Jewish organization looks to history to help safeguard minority rights

Victoria Shoah Project remembers Kristallnacht on Nov. 9
Victoria Shoah Project will host a commemorative of Krystallnacht on Nov. 9. (Facebook photo)

Remembering the uglier parts of our history is an important step along a path that will ensure those events are never forgotten or repeated.

Each year, Victoria Shoah Project commemorates Kristallnacht, an infamous event that swept through Germany and Austria on Nov. 9 and 10 in 1938.

Paramilitary groups and civilians demolished homes, businesses, and synagogues with sledgehammers while the authorities looked on but made no effort to stop the mob. More than 7,000 stores and businesses and 267 synagogues were destroyed during the mayhem that reigned over two nights.

The name, Kristallnacht, or Night of Broken Glass, comes from the countless shards of glass that littered the streets following the attacks.

The organizers of the commemorative said in a media release that, considering the unfortunate growth of attacks on minority groups in recent years, this year’s event highlights the need for everyone to stand together to protect and safeguard all peoples, regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation or other factors that make them targets of “a hateful few.”

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This year’s program, which takes place via Zoom on Tuesday, Nov. 9, is titled ‘Communities Standing Together Against Hate: Lessons Learned Kristallnacht.’

“It is a respectful reminder of how, as a collective society, it is essential to commemorate such tragic events,” Victoria Shoah Project noted. “Remembrance is essential, however, we must also act in tangible ways to protect all peoples in our diverse community.”

“Please join us to remember the past and commit to take action for a better future where we will respect and protect our neighbours, not to remain silent in the face of any injustice against any person or group, and work towards building bridges leading to unity and shalom (peace) in our own community and beyond.”

Victoria Shoah Project has invited political and law enforcement leaders and representatives from faith communities to join in leading the reading of a Pledge of Mutual Respect and Support.

The Zoom link for the presentation is at

Founded in 2016, Victoria Shoah Project is a collective of individuals in Victoria dedicated to Shoah (Holocaust) remembrance and education.

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