Pic via Twitter from James Flawith @precision__tree ‘Buckets of buckets’, Thursday afternoon from Whiskey Creek Co-op.

Pic via Twitter from James Flawith @precision__tree ‘Buckets of buckets’, Thursday afternoon from Whiskey Creek Co-op.

Vancouver Island readers offer thanks to BC Hydro, emergency crews

Gratitude shown for worker efforts following massive windstorm Dec. 20

A massive windstorm on Dec. 20 left thousands of Parksville Qualicum Beach residents – and thousands more up and down the Island – without power, many for extended periods.

BC Hydro crews have worked tirelessly to restore power to those homes, and readers of the PQB News and Vancouver Island Free Daily were happy to share their appreciation.

Below is a sampling of responses from both the PQB and VIFD Facebook sites from readers to the Hydro and other emergency response crews. Feel free to drop by the sites (scroll down, visit for awhile) and share your own thoughts.

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MJ Warren Words are not enough to tell you how totally grateful we are for all your hard work & dedication! Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts!

Sasha Kay Deep appreciation to you all! Including all the dispatchers and office staff that facilitated getting our hydro back on!

Diena Mikus Henry Dropped off a few treats to the main office, to express our appreciation. So fortunate to get power back on day 5, Christmas Eve. Thank you so much

Sabrina Boyle Diena Mikus Henry what a nice idea

Amanda Brittain Thank you for everything everyone did for us!! Truly amazing each and every one of you

Michelle Armstrong Thank you to each & every man & woman who have been working round the clock for the last week since this storm shook up our community. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!

Catherine Bauer Hats off to each and every one of you! Way to go! You are all awesome!

Jo Recalma So very GRATEFUL. You all ROCK

Kim Donohoe Hydro and the other crews were so amazing

Linda Sue Blokhuizen So grateful to have power for Christmas Eve! Thanks so much!

Loree Al Watson Thank you to all that gave up their nice Christmases to help others!

Tami Bravender A very huge heartfelt thank you. You all went above and beyond. If this isn’t the true meaning of Christmas I don’t know what is.

Lynn Gamble Thank you so much for rescuing us after 5 days of no hydro. Your efforts are truly appreciated.

Coleta Cranton Thank you so very much I am so grateful to have my power because I do not have a fireplace you’re awesome

Susan Freethy What a huge undertaking! Thanks for all your hard work!

Debbe Patterson Thank you so very much to all those who worked through Christmas. We had our power restored Christmas Day and are very grateful.

Diane Kellas Wow, our thanks to all of the workers and support people and to their families for missing their loved ones while they were helping us out.

Sharie Schalke Aumair Thank you so much for the hard work you do!

Janie Laviolette thankyou thankyou a million times thankyou!!

Kelly Rogers heartfelt thank-yous from all of us at Qualicum Bay area!!!

Lucinda Davies Huge thank you to all the workers. Was so nice to be warm after seven days. Much appreciated

Therese M Elston Thank you so much to everyone involved, really appreciate it. Keep safe.

Connie Thompson Thank you to all the Hydro crews – your dedication is so appreciated after 72 hours with no hydro

Wendy Paulsen Thank you Hydro crew.

Blanka Natale Thank you so very much for all your hard work!!!

John Gray Thank you to all the hard working line crews! Much appreciated.

Chrisanne Kotzian thank you to all the workers… a thousand thank yous!!

Marlene Easterbrook Godard Thank you to all the great Hydro guys that worked so hard to get our lives back to normal… Happy New Year.

Elisabeth Edgar Thank you to all the BC Hydro people for all your sacrifices so we could all get our power back.

Maureen Bond Very much appreciated! You guys rock!!!

Teree Olsen So very grateful! Thank you!!

Diane McKinnon Oh yeah. These workers need a big round of applause and thanks!!!

Meg Conarroe working through Christmas? wow thank you Hydro crews

Lois Marie Pumfrey Thank you all linesmen, flaggers, tree cutters! We drove thru this yesterday. Great job.

Wendy Maurer Gratitude to all hydro workers

Gail Kapusta Thank u to all worked to help get power on also the contractors

Jody Graham So grateful for all their hard work!!! Thanks so much for getting our power back on

Vicky Robinson BC Hydro workers are our heroes! Thank you for all your hard work.

Loraine Fairway Thank you for working so hard to get us all up and running again. Hope you have a happy 2019.


D J Martin Ford Thank you to all of your hard work and to your families for having you away during the holidays. My daughter is a single mom who lives in Whiskey Creek so we are all so grateful for that she again has power and heat.

Debby Smith Robinson Thank you for your dedication

Barbara Emmerson Thank you thank you from Whiskey Creek !

Cheyenne Joulie Not enough gratitude to say thank you !! Even though mine was off for less than 2 days I know people who had 5 1/2 days …. So happy to hear so much hard working crew ! So much appreciated

Angel Delange That is an amazing sight! Huge shout out to all of the men and women working on helping to get power up and running.

Krystal Lynn Thank you BC Hydro

Sheila Isaacson Thanks guys for all your tireless work

Dallas Rae Inwards Thank you so much everyone involved

Erin Burrett Only 2 days no power here but THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

Meg Keene So much grattitude to all the workers! Hard at it over the holidays so we could have a warm Christmas with our families. The communities you are helping are incredibly thankful for all of you!

Sean Demeria Thanks guys. Cant help but wonder if this could all have been prevented by cutting trees clear of the wires before the stormy season.

Anne Scott Thks for your great work

Rodney Anderson We are among the fortunate ones, our power was off only 30 hours. We understand not all the workers are local and many have travelled great distances to restore power on our island. Yes, it’s your job and you may be getting benefits, but this isn’t a great time to be away from your families. THANK YOU for inconveniencing yourself to aid us!

Lotte Preston A very big thank you ……. no power for almost 6 days but you gave us power for Christmas Eve

Bob Davidson Many thanks to all who helped get our power back. Four short days was quite an adventure. Hugs Bob.

Ken Olenick As a retired lineman and worked a few Christmas nights and days, thank-you

Bill Gamble Thank you to all the hydro crews and others who have been working through the holidays to get the power back on.

Arianne Lacaille Thank you for all your hard work guys!

Christine Boyd What an awesome job they did! We appreciate all of you, THANK YOU.

Katie Cormel Thank you to all of those men and women who gave so generously of your time and holidays to help all of us to celebrate ours. We certainly appreciate you and all of your time. Happy New Year to each of you and your family. We hope that you are home in time to enjoy.

Janice Higgins Anderson You guys rock! Thank you for all your hard work!

Carla M Ward Wow! Bless you all!

Patricia Mcquay Absolutely fantastic

Deanna Christianson Hillsden Thank you!!!!!

Kim Rompain Thank you

Jane Pope Big thank you

Joan Smith-Hodgson Most appreciative!

Christine Rayner Thank you

Karen Corcione You are amazing!! Thank you!

Pamela Riley good job!

Louise Watson Thank you!

Wendy Walker Thank you

Cate Riley Thanks to the Hydro crew that gave me heat and light xmas eve on PI…you are amazing!!

Gwen Evans You Hydro crews are wonderful, you gave your time over the holidays to work very hard to get us all back to power! Be safe and may you have a Happy and Healthy New Year!

Ingy Bloodsworth Huge Thanks to every Hydro crew member and everyone who helped out in any way to get hydro back to the thousands without it. Bless you.

Tina Murchison Thanx sooooo very much gentlemen and ladies for all your hard work .

Greg Nowik amazing what you have all done for us, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

Diane Carne Take your families and your hard earned money and go somewhere warm for a long time after this is all over.

Debra Miller Thankyou very much

Melly Allercott Heroes!!

Kim LeQuesne Thank you hydro heroes

Linda Wentzell Thanks so much for all your hard work!

Charmaine Lawrie Thank you

Cora Lynne Williams Thank you all for a great job.

Susan McClurg Thanks for all their hard work, with the massive damage in our area they were great in getting everyone back up

Leslie Clarke Thank you all for your hard work and dedication!

Jill Ambler Thanks for your hard and dangerous work!

Linda Sutherland Boulet thank you for all your hard work ….

Janis Chivers Abbott Thank you to all the hydro crews, road crews, fire crews, RCMP, foresters and emergency volunteers who are giving up time with their families to help our communities. You are appreciated.

Deborah Robertson Thanks to all! Such a crazy time to be pressed into action and I am so very grateful for all your endless hours!

Donna M. Dodds Wow..awesome Hydro crew..t.y. for being there..same thing on Saltspring..awesome folks giving up their Christmas to help others!!

Nanci Cook Absolutely amazing job by all the folks who worked so hard through the holidays to get everyone’s power back one!

Barbara Ellen Remfert Thanks BC Hydro. Great job

Angus TBone Thank you to EVERYONE working hard to get our islands back up and running! Amazing

Tracee Desmarais Thank you for coming to save us!

Marnie Crowe love and appreciation to all of you who worked so hard over the holidays

Lorraine Cyr Stokke Thank you for all that you do

Bill Robinson Thanks hydro workers!!!!

Darlene Woolls THANK ALL OF YOU. It was crazy at my house!

Rhoda McPherson thank you to the hydro crew for all your hard work over this holiday season

Deanna Fourt A big thank you to all those that have worked on getting the power back on for so many people.

Mishell Hastings Thank you to all the lineman from wherever you are for helping us.

Donna Baglo West Love these people ! Thank you so much!

Mia Mcastocker Wish I could do something nice for each and everyone of you.

Marina Giesbrecht Husler Love that they are working so hard! Such dedication!

Bernice Harding Thank you guys for putting the power on.


Luke Hubner photo                                BC Hydro crews working late into the night on Christmas Eve.

Luke Hubner photo BC Hydro crews working late into the night on Christmas Eve.