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The fast and the fur-ious: Man caught speeding near Chilliwack with bulldog in his lap

The driver and his dog were clocked doing 61 kph over the posted speed limit on Highway 1

You’d think some things could go without saying, like for instance, don’t drive 161 kilometres an hour with a bulldog on your lap.

Turns out, it needs saying.

BC Highway Patrol caught someone doing exactly that when, at around 12:30 p.m. on May 14, police were set up for speed checks on Highway 1 near Popkum. An officer saw a white Ferrari changing lanes several times while going really fast. The officer, Cst. Blair Fuller, clocked the car at 161 kilometres per hour in a 100 kph zone, and pulled it over.

Walking over to grab license and registration from a male driver in his 30s, Fuller saw a bulldog sitting on the man’s lap.

“Driving any vehicle at this rate of speed with or without an animal on your lap is dangerous for all involved,” he told the man. “Driving with a pet on your lap can interfere with your ability to safely control the vehicle.”

The Ferrari was impounded and the driver now faces several charges under the B.C. Motor Vehicle Act (MVA).

BC Highway Patrol reminds motorists that May is High-Risk Driving Awareness month, with police agencies across the province stepping up enforcement of dangerous driving behaviours.

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